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Rebecca MacCeile is a loving wife and dedicated mother. She began her writing career as an avid blogger, blogging about her life and the challenges of marriage since 2011, motherhood since 2012, and the recovery process she went through after being diagnosed with PTSD in 2013.

Blogging was an instrumental part of Rebecca's recovery process, but as things on the internet often do, the blogging world has changed significantly leading Rebecca to pursue other avenues to share her craft. Rebecca continued to document her PTSD recovery process via the written word publishing nine different titles in the span of three years. Some of the titles are filled with joy, others are filled with heartache, but all of them weave an intricate and complex glimpse into Rebecca's life. While she has no immediate plans to continue writing in the same capacity you can find a complete list of Rebecca's catalog by clicking the SHOP link above. 

When Rebecca is not spending time with her family she volunteers as a Day Captain and Diversity Equity and Inclusion committee member for A Voice for the Innocent. AVFTI is a wonderful organization dedicated to helping survivors of sexually based crimes share their stories and find local resources to offer a community of support. 

For more information or to share your story with AVFTI please click below.  


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