• Becca

A Push and a Leap

The more I thought about getting denied a job after the behavior of the supervisor during the interview, the more it bothered me. I did a lot of meditation and internal reflection; then I called my recruiter. I told her I was certain I could do the job and didn’t feel comfortable with the quality of my interview.

She said it was unusual that they turned me down with my qualifications so she decided to speak to her manager about the situation and see if he couldn’t arrange an interview with a different department within the same company. Lo and behold I have another interview! This department was much more quick about the entire interview process and much more accommodating with my recruiter.

We’ll see what happens. I may be denied again, but I will feel better about it if I don’t have to sell my accomplishments to someone so guarded and nervous with my demeanor and general presence. I can accept that I may not be a good fit for the job, but I‘ve had enough of small minded people on a power trip denying me of valid opportunities.

The secondary department has a less accommodating schedule which will change the level of classes I am able to work on each term, but if I can get into the industry now before my loans are due I can take my time with class work. I was only in a hurry because my education goal was slashed basically in half until life changed as it so often does.

Really, I was in a hurry to finish school so my husband could focus on his business and get out of his factory which was quickly sliding down hill and in danger of major layoffs. Instead we decided to invest our stimulus money and take a leap of faith. Hubs is now officially self employed. Which makes me the primary income four our family the first time in a looooooooong time. It’s big change, but I do think it will suit the needs of our family as all of the kiddos start back to their school careers.

What better time to take a leap when the entire world is adapting to a new way of life, right? Might as well go for it.

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