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AFSP Fundraiser Feature: That Tiny Website

Hello friends and followers! I have some exciting news to share in regards to my fundraising efforts for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Join me along with Tim Baughman, Eve Jacob, Tabitha, Sounds Nerdy, and our friends broadcasting the podcast We Were (Kind of) A Big Deal in College . Together we’ve raised a total of $69.25! There’s still plenty of time. Now – December 25th 100% of proceeds from all of our books will go directly toward a donation to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

We’ll focus on Tim today.

Tim is an independent author, editor, podcaster and all around great guy. This project was his idea and he’s been a great help in getting everything organized for us.

His pledge is to donate all of the proceeds from his collection of wonderful stories: An Epilogue to Innocence as well as all Patreon pledges he receives during the months of November and December.

You can find An Epilogue to Innocence on Amazon or at the link provided here:

You can find his Patreon page at the link provided here:


Also be sure to check out his website (https://thattinywebsite.com/) to explore all of the additional editing, formatting, and general independent publishing help he offers! I wouldn’t have been able to format Candy Apple Butterscotch or navigate the tedious adventure of self publishing without his help.

Stay tuned for features on the rest of my fundraising companions in the coming weeks!

Thank you everyone!


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