• Becca

Alright, Fine.

Okay Noah. You got my attention. What you said a few years ago in the heat of the moment is apparently not what you meant and you want an opportunity to set the record straight. Yes. Got it. Heard you.

Since my entire healing debacle started you've repeatedly asked for a face to face meeting which has never worked out for various reasons. Kids, spouses, general anxiety. A bunch of reasons. Thanks to the pandemic I now have every video conferencing app under the sun. If you want to talk, and you can conduct yourself without dissolving into an irrational screaming mess... send me an email with whatever app you prefer and we can make an appointment.

I've already discussed it with my husband and he is okay with it as long as you can refrain from threatening me or the kids. Can you do that? Can we have a civil conversation without you freaking out and making outrageous false claims about harassment, and petty retaliative vandalism? It's going to be messy and emotional. You're hurt and we're not friends. I get that. If you can communicate those feelings without verbally attacking me we can have a conversation.

You skipped over the post where I explained why I was consolidating my social media and moving forward in my healing process beyond blogging. I suggest you go back and read that first before you make your decision.


Consider this my official, public, legally binding permission. You may contact me as long as you adhere to the above terms. YOU may contact me. Mia has used up all her chances. I do not want to hear from her. If you must, you can convey things on her behalf. I'm not entertaining her personally anymore.

This permission is valid for 30 days, staring on April 22nd, 2021. It will expire on May 21st, 2021.

Do not send me an email on May 22nd or 23rd asking if we can have a conversation, because no we can't. 30 days is more than enough time to decide and I will know when you read this post so don't try to claim you didn't see it within 30 days because I will know when you do. 30 days. May 21st. It's up to you.

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