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Fall break was just what I needed to relax and reset. We took a quick road trip to help my parents for a few days and celebrate our 11th dating anniversary. While our wedding anniversary isn’t until March, we like to celebrate all of the important days in our relationship. I’m an overly sentimental sap, what can I say? It’s also Hubs’ birthday coming up and with COVID we don’t really have the opportunity to go out without the kids. We had to celebrate a lot of things in one weekend. 2020 is such an unusual year.

After our date night, Hubs and I packed up our youngest and took him to see “his” plane at the National Museum of the Air Force. No matter how many times I tell him that they don’t fly the SR-71 anymore, the boy is undeterred. He is GOING to fly one if it is the last thing he does. If COVID ever subsides I’d like to take him out to the Museum of Flight in Seattle so he can at least sit in one. Although getting him back out of it would be tricky. lol.

The height of the SR71 program was a little bit before my time. I kind of caught the tail end of it in the early 90’s hearing stories from my dad who was a rank I don’t remember off the top of my head in the Civil Air Patrol in Southern California and often saw them come in and out of both Edwards and March AFB. My uncle and Grandpa were at Wright-Patt the day the plane in the museum landed. I was supposed to go with them, but we didn’t get there in time.

Later in life I had the pleasure of meeting one of the pilots. I was young and naive, and never took the opportunity to ask him about his accomplishments (which I still occasionally kick myself for in hindsight) but me being the overly sentimental sap that I am, the wise advice he gave me during our brief encounters stuck with me. When it was time to name my boys, his name was at the top of the list. Well, okay so not the VERY top. It was like four names down, but Champ ended up with it anyway. My oldest son, Crash, received the family name at the VERY top of the list. It was his right being an entire minute older than Champ. lol.

Anyway, that’s why the SR-71 is Champ’s plane. He hasn’t quite grasped that his name is meaningful outside of the plane itself. He just knows that the plane has something to do with his name, so through his five year old understanding the plane became “his”. It’s kind of shocking how much the name actually fits his personality as Champ continues to grow. Especially since the two aren’t technically related. Champ has a lot of my grandfather, who served as an aircraft mechanic during WWII, in him too. If he doesn’t end up flying airplanes, he’ll likely end up building them or repairing them.

The adventure to the museum was the first time that Hubs and I have actually had the opportunity to share some fun one on one time with Champ. Normally when we have the opportunity to share some one on one time with Champ we’re heading off to a children’s hospital for some medical test or another for his thyroid. This time it was all fun and he had an absolute blast. He saw his plane, we picked up another little trinket from the gift shop and he was entirely content.

It was a perfect way to end my brief break from school. Not only did I get to enjoy some adult time with my husband, but I got to make special memories with Champ. I feel refreshed, and rejuvenated and ready to tackle this next term.

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