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Wrapping up my first term at school was an interesting experience to say the least. The last few units of my statistics class were challenging, I wrote the wrong style of essay for my English final, and all the kids decided they were done with homeschooling and fought with me tooth and nail to finish their assignments.

I am so very ready for my break this week. Being in the accelerated courses I only have about four days off before my next term starts, but I will relish all four of those blissful non-brain-stretching days! It doesn’t feel like I’ve been back in school for two months, and I am surprised how quickly everything moved forward during these past ten weeks. I mean, yes, I’m in the accelerated courses but… lol it was a whirlwind! I’m still waiting on my final grades to post, but I ended the term with A’s. Not entirely sure of the exact points but somewhere between a 95-100% for both classes. Which, in itself is quite an accomplishment. I took on my own education, homeschooling all three kids, a tree fell on the house, I’ve been helping my husband with several of his business adventures (yes he has multiple startups going at the moment and I am involved in two of them), keeping the house clean, fixing dinner most nights, working at my “real” job, trying different marketing strategies for my books, annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd until last week juggling all of my social media too.

I do not know how I was able to accomplish all of these things. I sincerely do not know. lol. It didn’t actually feel like all that much until my professor informed me that I wrote the wrong essay last week 30 minutes before the assignment was due. I had already turned it in after my peer review fell flat (again, but that’s another issue entirely for a different post) but managed to type up an entirely NEW essay and submit it with THREE MINUTES TO SPARE before the deadline. I didn’t expect an A because I messed up the initial assignment, but I figured I would give my best effort to take responsibility and correct my mistake and see what happened. I knew I was going to pass the class regardless of whether or not I failed the final essay. It was mostly a matter of pride really. I knew I could do better, so I did.

Apparently my effort was rewarded because I GOT AN A. My professor had to take a few points because of the assignment mix up, but she only took 2. 98. I got a 9-freakin-8 on a paper I threw together in less than half an hour. By luck, sheer will power, or a gracious professor I got a damn A.

I’ve never been so happy to see an A before. One, because it was an English class and… well English is my thing. lol. I’m an author. Failing an English class would be embarrassing to say the least. Especially the entry level required for every new student English class. The second, and really more important reasons are my pending scholarship applications.

Now, I CAN pay for my schooling as soon as I graduate regardless of whether I get these scholarships or not. Although, why would I want to repay the entirety of my loans when I can get scholarship money? I mean if I’m eligible for it, why the hell not right? In order to receive my scholarships I have to maintain a 3.7+ GPA. 4 is ideal (isn’t it always?) but I can maintain my eligibility with at LEAST a 3.7. I need those A’s. I have the ability, I only need to maintain my focus in order to achieve my goal and with the million other things I have going on sometimes focus is my most difficult hurdle.

So, as I said on Facebook last week, I’ve really cut back on my extracurricular social media. I have a lot of scheduled posts in the queue, but otherwise… I’m taking a step back from my internet life for a while. I definitely don’t have time to dedicate to any sort of creative writing right now. Even this is stretching my writing capacity to the max lol and it’s the most sloppy informal piece of writing I’ve put out in months.

It feels good to relax though. I’ve missed my gratuitous use of apostrophes, slang and idioms. My sentence fragments and emojis and most of all exclamation points!!!

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