• Becca

Chasing Sunlight

This week has just been a whirlwind of change, frustration, jubilation and defeat. Through it all the MacCeile's have turned a new leaf. We had to fight a little bit to get the leaf to turn, but we managed to do it.

Hubs and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary over the weekend. It's technically today, but being in the middle of the week we didn't have a baby sitter so we took advantage of the weekend and dropped the kids off at my parents. We had a wonderful dinner at our favorite restaurant, found a tattoo parlor and got an adorable couple tattoo of a piece of toast and a jam jar, and adventured up to our favorite park with Little to visit the ducks.

In the midst of all of the celebrations, a great friend of mine won a hard fought custody battle so we celebrated with her, I was frustrated with job hunting opportunities and finally negotiated my way back in for a second interview in another department of the same medical logistics company. This time, I was successful. I am starting as a contractor for the first three months and if I can make rate and keep up with workflow they will hire me full time. I have a lot more opportunities for professional growth with this company, and I am thrilled that I was able to FINALLY get my foot in the door.

But, with the victory of fighting to get my foot in the door also comes the sadness with saying goodbye to coworkers who have been with me through so much. The restaurant was my first job after taking an extended hiatus to raise my kids and focus on my mental health. It was scary for a lot of reasons and my coworkers made it possible to move through all of my fears and overcome them. They were there for me during the midst of my niece's medical crisis, and they were accommodating for my restricted availability after the pandemic took hold in the United States and I stayed home to educate my daughter. I have left a lot of jobs behind and I can't say that I really miss any of them, but this one... I'm going to miss this one. I could have made working there full time a long term career, but the closer I got to taking that step and committing myself to a lifetime of kitchens the more uncomfortable I became.

Everything in the back of my mind was screaming that if I took that step it would be a mistake. Of course my intuition has gotten me in trouble before so I was hesitant and pursued my advancement, but one thing after another kept getting in my way until the time was right and the clouds began to part and I could finally see some sunlight on the horizon. Now, the only thing left to do is chase it.

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