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I’ve spend the past few days during my school break decluttering a lot around here. Part of it is because I revamped my marketing strategies and don’t need the same posts a millionty times, and part of it is due to the massive personal growth I’ve accomplished in recent weeks.

Lots of stuff is happening behind the scenes at the MacCeile house. All wonderful, refreshing, enlightening things but things that are best kept to themselves instead of putting them out here for everyone to see. Weird, I know, but then again the desire to keep these moments to myself instead of blasting them all over the world hither and yon is a representation of the growth I’ve made, y’know?

I think I’ve finally uncovered the “real me” who has been lost under the weight of trauma all of these years. I’ve returned to many of my previous passions and truly enjoy them once again. I’ve been so focused on writing to cope with my trauma that I have pretty much neglected the other sides of my artistic inclination. I haven’t sat down to play the piano in years. I need to invest if a good keyboard. I really want to get a manual camera (do they still exist??) and return to my black and white photography. Phones do a lot of amazing photography things, but they don’t provide the same depth and emotion behind black and white film. If I can keep the kids away from my supplies, I’d love to get some canvas and start painting again.

This transition has been much easier than my Quarter Life Crisis lol. It’s nice to achieve growth on my own accord versus being pulled into it by outside forces and chaos. Fall has always been an incredibly transformative season in my life both figuratively and literally. It seems appropriate that I’ve transcended to the next level of my journey as the leaves begin to display their most vibrant colors.

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