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Five Percent

In stark contrast to my most recent work of fiction (Jericho), my first release Candy Apple Butterscotch is a memoir and it is based entirely on my own experiences and people who have crossed my path.

Some of the circumstances from my memoir do overlap into my fiction. Not only in Jericho, but all of my fiction. Most poignant moments from my real life make it in one form or another. It’s kind of my signature, if you will. Like the late Stan Lee, or Steven King have cameos in the expansions of their work, I too have tiny bits of myself sprinkled into my art.

I think all artists overlap their real experience into their art. Some are just more obvious than others. During the young adult phase of my life as I began to address and unfold the layers of my trauma onion my creativity became a coping mechanism. I addressed different layers with each story.

First: the truth as a whole. It was important that I remove the protective blanket of repression and fully commit to recording exactly what happened as I remembered it.

Next: What I wish I had done, or the choices that I would make in hindsight. The “if I could have done it differently I would have done x” which helped me come to terms with the regret that surfaced after I accepted my own roll in the dysfunction that surrounded my healing process after addressing my trauma.

It was a way to illustrate my personal growth. Of course it is impossible to go back and alter the events of the past. What I recorded in Candy happened. It’s been verified ten ways to Sunday, and those who may doubt it are more than welcome to challenge it. What I’ve written after Candy, is what I wish I would have done or what I would do now if the same events transpired now.

I guess you could say that Candy Apple Butterscotch was my textbook as I learned how to move forward. While Whimsy and Sterling, and Jericho, are essays where I applied my knowledge after the lessons have been mastered.

Five percent of myself that only the most astute readers will notice.

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