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Goals for 2020

As the decade comes to a close I’ve been reflecting on what goals I want to pursue over the next year.

2019 I met and/or exceeded 99% of the goals I set for myself. The only thing I didn’t achieve was my Runtastic goal of 60miles. I’m ending the year with 35. I don’t know why I didn’t meet this particular goal. My thyroid dying and figuring out all of that took me out for about two months, and there was a lot of additional stress toward the end of the Summer. Running and PTSD stress aren’t a great combo for overall heart health. My body was taxed enough thanks to the PTSD stressors. I didn’t need to make things worse pushing myself physically.

35 miles is nothing to be ashamed of considering I hate cardio with a passion lol. I beat my record from last year by two miles. It’s something I’d like to continue improving upon in 2020. I guess that’s my first goal I’d like to tackle. Maybe I’ll try for something less ambitious than doubling my current record… *shrugs*

As far as my writing goals are concerned I’m going to slow down my production significantly this coming year. 2019 saw three new releases, and two second editions. It was a lot. Lol. I don’t believe my quality suffered any as a result of my quick turn arounds, but with my latest WIP I’d like to slow things down a little bit. Fiction is more difficult, in my opinion. I have a lot of research ahead of me to breathe the same amount of life into my characters for my fiction with little inspiration based in reality. The story itself is flowing fairly well. I’m just allowing it to breathe and rest as I’m writing it.

I’m also focusing more on my school work in 2020 as I begin the second phase of my continuing education. I’ll actually be learning new things applicable to my major in the coming year vs reviewing general education courses. It won’t be as easy to breeze through as my studies in 2019. Although with my work experience, it might be lol. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what classes beyond GenEd review look like.

Those three things are my main focus going into the new year and new decade. Life might throw me a curve ball here and there, and I’ll adjust accordingly. Right now 2020 looks promising and I’m excited to see where life takes me.

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