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Rebecca MacCeile is an author who goes out of her way to be open and honest about her life, marriage, parenting, a PTSD recovery. The reader will forgive a few typos in return for a story many families will find familiar. Jericho is the lead character who, between crying spells, will make you wonder if MacCeile is writing about a real-life experience.
The following quote haunts me. "The doctor tried everything within his power, but they couldn't stabilize Jericho's heart rate." Families who will relate to this story will find it easy to add the word "mind" with "heart." (couldn't stabilize Jericho's mind or heart) The ending will leave you feeling sad for a man who couldn't seem to keep it together. From the moment you jump into this story, you will want to stay engaged (watch for 11:59 p.m.).
The honest and heart-wrenching portrayal of this story demands a five-over five-star rating.
The pacing of this book is incredible. Grabs you immediately and never lets go. As Jericho's life unfolds, you can never find a place to stabilize. Characters are unusually well developed, and you gain empathy with every single one of them (well, not Byron and crew). We all know a Jericho, whether family, friends, or even ourselves. A very fast read, holds your attention for every single moment. Overall, this is a remarkably well written book.

Kindle and paperback versions available now. Audiobook coming soon!


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