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Ninety Five Percent

I am so thrilled that my audience loves my most recent release, Jericho, as much as I do. Nearly every review has been positive and I have actually turned a (minuscule) profit. For as hectic and choppy as my promotion schedule has been over the past several months I am both honored and quite surprised.

Several of my readers have wondered if the characters within the book represent real people from my life. I’m here to address that today.

The short answer is: yes. The characters were heavily inspired by people I have encountered in real life.

The more complicated answer is: while the characters may embody ghosts from my past, the story itself is fiction. The intricate details that made the characters relatable and “human” I observed first hand. The reasons behind those intricacies are the result of creative liberties which pulled the plot together. Some things are closer to the truth (by sheer chance) than others which I think is what my more intuitive readers have picked up on.

Jericho is not a memoir. Jericho is the result of my desire to take something designed to be destructive and callous and shape it into something else. Something better. Something that ripples across the consciousness of those who read it as a beautiful tragedy and illustrates the resilience required to survive in this chaotic world even when circumstances are stacked against you. I feel like I accomplished my goal. Some have expressed surprise with the ending, citing that it isn’t what they expected or wouldn’t align with my focus on resilience.

Maybe not for the character of Jericho, but the story was never really about him anyway. He is a keystone, necessary to illustrate my main point, but Jericho is not the hero. Who is? Reader, that decision is up to you.


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