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Rocky Roads

Friends, January is off to a very rough start for most of us in the United States. I can't exactly say I'm surprised by what transpired in Washington D.C. the afternoon of January 6th, but I am still in a bit of shock. Like, I know what happened was devastating, historical, and dangerous and yet I can not comprehend the motivation behind exactly what the insurrectionists set out to do.

I am a medically diagnosed crazy person, and even I can not fathom the thought process that went on behind the actions of the people who opted for domestic terrorism over peaceful protest. There is a clear line between the two definitions that somehow got lost in the chaos of mob rule. It was terrifying to witness, even thousand of miles away.

Adding to the trauma we've suffered as a country, my personal life took a nose dive as well Wednesday January 6th. Almost simultaneously with the events unfolding in Washington my niece was finally able to receive the surgery she needed to repair the internal damage wreaked by her ruptured appendix. It was much worse than even the doctor anticipated and she is lucky to be alive. What was supposed to be a two hour procedure stretched out to three and a half hours. The incision was monstrous, and the infection riddled through out her body even after the near constant heavy duty antibiotic infusions. It was close. Too close.

But things are going much better for her now. She really seems to be recovering versus maintaining now that the infection has finally been cleared. Recovering is going to take a long time, but at least she's heading in the right direction. Finally. By the skin of her teeth.

Something else happened on Jan 6th, immediately after the curfew went into effect I had to sign in to my lecture for my brand new term in school! Ethics, of all classes was first on the docket. I don't know how I managed to get my assignments done this week, and other than a few snippets here and there I really couldn't tell you what we talked about. Even my instructors have been distracted this week. It definitely isn't how I like to start my classes, but I suppose as long as the world does not spiral further into chaos after the up coming inauguration it can only go up from here.

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