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Rocky Roads


Arrrrrrrrrrgh! This past term with school has been one road block after another. I never did get into a routine with my classwork and fell waaaaaaay behind as we prepared my son for a minor surgery. I was speeding along doing so well too only to come to a crashing halt barely dragging myself across the finish line this time.

I passed all of my classes with nothing short of blood sweat and tears, but my perfect GPA that I was so proud of and worked so hard for is tarnished. I'll be able to bring it back up before I graduate, but watching it fall after this nightmare term has been disheartening to say the least.

I don't even know where to start because this entire term has been a cascade of worst case scenarios. I picked up an extra class this term because I was doing really well and it didn't seem like adding one more class would be an issue. It likely wouldn't have been if the school had been honest with me, but no. No, the school was NOT honest with me. Instead of just starting my classes on time with plenty of time to prepare as I usually do, I had to spend two weeks running around submitting identification documentation to the school to prove that it was indeed me who needed to increase my FAFSA and that I was REALLY taking (or attempting to take) three classes. I was almost locked out my first week, but managed to pull it all together at the very last second.

So the term got off to a chaotic start right off the bat. I did well the first three weeks, but then I discovered that two of my professors were very poor at communicating what they wanted/needed in assignments. I would lose points and look at my feedback hoping to find answers or suggestions or even clues to how I could improve for the next time, right? That's how you learn. That's how every other single professor I've had until this term has handled things. Not this term! One out of three has been wonderful with feedback. The other two I had to chase around and never got a clear answer. Eventually I gave up, ate the point loss and accepted that I was not going to get A's in those classes no matter how hard I tried.

I was still hovering around a 90% in all of my classes until we found out my son needed surgery. It was a very minor outpatient procedure, but it was still my baby having surgery and it stressed me out to the point where I couldn't focus on my assignments. That, combined with my new job and it's complicated split shifts, and adjusting to my husband being the at home parent while I was out in the workforce became too much. I had to choose between enough sleep to function at work or enough time to complete projects where I wasn't sure what the hell kind of grade I was going to get.

I chose our income and my sleep schedule over my school work and *slide whistle* my grades fell like a rock. I still did well on all the assignments I managed to turn in, but I couldn't keep up with all of them. I rotated my classes, and realized moving forward, at least until the kids are back in school I can only handle two classes at a time.

I think if the cascade of bullshit hadn't happened on top of taking on another class I would have been okay, but I don't want to risk it. At least not next term. Maybe after that. With my new job graduating early isn't really a priority anymore. The position I'm after requires five years of experience with the company before I can even apply so there's really no need to rush through school anymore. I wanted to finish early so Hubs could start his business and I could support the family. I needed my degree ASAP with my old job. I don't need it quite so urgently with my new job.

I'm just glad I passed, and that this nightmare term from hell is over. Hopefully my next round of professors are better equipped to actually teach the subjects they are in charge of vs just throwing a book at us and letting us go. It might have slowed me down, but it certainly won't stop me.

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