• Becca

Snowy Success

I know I wasn't able to really publicize my latest event last Friday. Life got away from me and the world went topsy turvy there for a bit. lol.

Regardless of my hit and miss promotion the world being insane and a freak snow storm the night of... I was able to speak with about five people about my books. I didn't make any sales, but I was really out and about more to interact with people than anything. I spoke to a young woman who was a budding writer herself. She was very excited about the prospect of being able to self-publish her work and wanted to know all the ins and outs and particulars of my publishing process.

I was happy to share it with her and thrilled that she left inspired and excited for her writing future. I think that is really the core of why I enjoy writing and self-publishing so much. It's not about the money. Goodness knows there is no money in art! But I enjoy interacting and inspiring and sharing with people. It's like a window into a different world jumping into the book community.

I'd like to try it again, after the pandemic subsides and more people are out and about. When I originally planned this event the vaccine was just announced and there was hope that the numbers would be settling down by the time it actually happened. Unfortunately that was not the case, combined with the freakish snow not very many people were out and about.

Still, I would consider the event a success and I'm looking forward to scheduling more events soon!

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