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I know I have followers with a vast array of different opinions. I will explain my thoughts about the results of the election in the United States here the same way that I explained it to my children.

Democracy is a challenge to maintain. It is a fluid and continually evolving institution. Sometimes it’s not about picking the “good guy” vs the “bad guy” but between choosing the lessor of two “bad guys”. While I chose not to vote this cycle based on my own personal principals I am extremely thankful after hearing Trump’s ranting about stopping the vote that democracy worked. Do I think Biden is great? Not particularly. I don’t agree with a lot of his fiscal policies. Socially, I appreciate his efforts toward inclusion, and let me tell you it was amazing to read articles after his address Saturday night and be able to understand what he said immediately without sifting through mountains of bullshit. Yes, politics by the very definition is pretty much bullshit, but at least Biden can speak without sounding like an arrogant blubbering idiot.

Do I believe Trump needed to go? Wholeheartedly. Not only did he make a mockery democracy, and many of the fundamentals that built our great nation he made a mockery of my faith and the Biblical principals I work hard to instill into my children. HONESTY being a big one. LOVE THY NEIGHBOR being another. Thy neighbor being straight or gay, black or white, rich or poor, cis gender or queer, Christian or Muslim, or Atheist, or Pagan and any and all things inbetween.

Again, I understand that some of you may not agree. I know that many Trump supporters are not unreasonable, and have very personal for why they made their voting decisions. Some of my family support Trump and I know that they are not racists or fascists. They were blinded by Trump’s charisma and circular arguments. They wanted to believe that he was the best choice for the country based on singular policies not the entire picture. Unfortunately, the entire picture of Trump was not based on singular policies and one or two policies was not enough to counteract the hatred, and vitriol he encouraged from the extreme right. The extreme right who legitimately ARE racists and fascists.

The votes are in. The People have spoken. It’s time to move forward and see what happens over the course of the next four years when we have to decide once again who will lead us into the future. The beauty of a fluid and constantly evolving institution. DEMOCRACY won this election, and I am thankful.

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